John Lobb
Gestures 1 — 5

Nick Wood takes a closer look at the individual craft and choreography that goes into making a pair of John Lobb shoes.

John Lobb has been making the finest shoes and boots for gentlemen since 1866. Their heritage of quality and commitment to craftsmanship has been at the forefront of their continued appeal and is as relevant now as it was a hundred years ago.

Working closely with the John Lobb team we are asked to help communicate the sheer level of detail and craftsmanship that goes into making a single pair of shoes. Removing the maker from the busyness of the workshop and placing them within a white space made it possible for us to highlight their intuitive skill and purity of know how.

The result is a series of five films that synchronise past with present – a contemporary study of the timeless relationship between material, tools and the virtuosic skill of the maker.

From the Last, hand carved in Hornbeam wood to the final polish – The ‘Gestures’ series celebrates the choreography and craftsmanship present at the core of the John Lobb atelier.



1. Last
2. Pattern
3. Upper
4. Stitch
5. Shine