Nokia: People Made
London, Helsinki

Nokia Design


People Made:  Nokia Products That Changed The World was a special exhibition celebrating Nokia product design—past, present and future.

It examined how Nokia has steadily influenced the way people behave, interact and connect with one another.

It also looked closely at how the Nokia Design studios have grappled with the limits of materials and form to create small objects of immense practicality and understated beauty.


People Made: A Future Perspective
Triptych Exhibition Film

People Made also features a film documenting a series of conversations between Nokia designers on the role that they, and design, have in shaping the future.

The designers explore where the industry is headed in the coming decade, the challenges and opportunities that will exist, and share their thoughts on advancing design and the Nokia legacy.


People Made
Exhibition Documentary

A compelling record of the story behind People Made and Nokia’s approach to design demonstrating the role in brand development and communication through diverse media.

People Made: Animation Statistics

2D wall animation

The statistics animation wall described data to communicate Nokia’s scale and reach.

85 of the most common languages are supported by Nokia.

1.1 billion people on the planet use a Nokia phone.

300 Nokia phones are in use at the London Eye right now.

36,000 photos are taken on Nokia phones every minute.

13 phones are made and sold by Nokia every second.

165,000 phone calls are made from Nokia phones every second.

36,500 text messages are sent from Nokia phones every second.

20,000 times every second, the Nokia ringtone is heard globally.

Nokia: Changing Lives

Helsinki, Finland

This unique film installation brings a compelling human dimension to the People Made story as a diverse and international cast of Nokia users explore how they believe the mobile phone has shaped their lives.

A series of intimate portraits, the films document personal, often emotional perspectives on Nokia, the products and how these have affected changing the world we live in.

Kam Bhogal
Nokia Design Team
Exhibition Continues
Angel Gil